Is it time to clean up your social media profile?

Pete Turner
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Is it time to clean up your social media profile?
Will your Facebook page help or hinder your job prospects?

COMMENT | Did you know that employers are looking increasingly at social media profiles to pick the people they want to work for them? According to reports, using a social media profile as a CV will become normal in 2014 so just what does your social media profile say about you?

It is a bit of a scary thought to think that prospective employers might be checking out your Facebook or Twitter account before making a decision on whether to hire you or not, or even just to see what skills you have. Obviously there are privacy settings in place to ensure that you have a large amount of control over what a person can see on your profile page. However, if you do intend to use your social media profile to sell your skills, then you have to be sure that whoever is snooping on you is not seeing your drunken night out pictures as well as your valuable information.

Sharing your work

In some lines of work, social media is a completely legitimate way to be selling yourself to prospective employers. I share most of my articles through Twitter and Facebook and therefore if somebody wants to find me for my writing they can. In other lines of work, it might not be so easy to share what you are working on through social media and keeping your profile up to date might be more of a hassle than a necessity. LinkedIn is a good potential place to keep your work activities updated but just make sure that every tweet or status update you send is not automatically being linked to your other accounts.

The new CV

Social media sites also have areas where a person can give details on their current and previous employment. However they are far less likely to be as detailed as a CV and employers may not be getting the best picture of you that they could. People are apparently less likely to regularly update their CV and instead will be more likely to keep their social media profiles updated. I know I'd much rather employers saw my CV with all its detail and descriptions than the quick bit I've thrown up on my Facebook profile but perhaps I need to rethink and start dressing up my profile to better meet the needs of employers. It seems that in 2014, our social media profiles are just as important as updating the CV.

Having a ball

The big concern with social media is obviously those hundreds of pictures you've been tagged in over the years or that you may have even put up yourself. LinkedIn and Twitter are far less likely to have these problems so I would recommend if you like to enjoy a good time, keep an eye on those Facebook privacy settings and make sure that any prospective employer sees what you want them to see! Not the drunken nights of debauchery that you have in your spare time. Keep what you get up to with your friends and family separate from your professional life and ensure that your LinkedIn profile is the online CV that those employers stumble across.

Have you ever got a job through social media?

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