That Time Leonardo DiCaprio Walked Up To Jacob Elordi In A Club To Tell Him How Much He Loved Euphoria

 Leonardo DiCaprio and Jacob Elordi.
Leonardo DiCaprio and Jacob Elordi.

Euphoria is truly one of the best shows streaming on Max right now. Do you know who else would agree with that? Oscar-winner Leonardo DiCaprio, who approached Jacob Elordi at a club to tell him just how much he adores this award-winning drama series.

Australian actor Jacob Elordi’s television breakout role was in Euphoria, where he plays high school jock Nate Jacobs who gets himself caught up in sexual flings and has severe anger issues. The HBO series gives us a deep exploration into the character’s complexities and flaws that make audiences turned off by Jacobs’ actions, but still curious about where his journey will take him. When Saltburn star appeared on The Tonight Show, he revealed to Jimmy Fallon that a particular Titanic star approached him at a club to tell him what a fan he was of the series:

The biggest one is Leonardo DiCaprio. Which sounds like a crazy name-drop, and it is a crazy name-drop. But Leo DiCaprio, he came up to me in a club one time when I was sort of much younger. And, so, we’re in a club and there’s really loud music and everything, and he’s like ‘the shot in the first season, you know, the shot where you came in.’ And it’s him and I in the middle of this club just going like— talking about camera angles.

That’s such an amazing compliment for an A-lister like Leonardo DiCaprio to approach Jacob Elordi about his performance on Euphoria. It proves that despite the series centering on teen characters, adults absolutely love the series and take it seriously.

To prove this point further, the show's leading lady, Zendaya, has received two Emmys for her role as Rue, and Sydney Sweeney was also nominated at the 74th Emmys for Best Supporting Actress. Euphoria also made history as the fourth most-watched show in HBO history. While the series has sparked controversy for its nude scenes that left parents “freaked out,” the award-winning project is clearly doing something right to invoke such a positive reaction from critics and audiences.

Not only is Leonardo DiCaprio a fan of Jacob Elordi’s performance in Euphoria, but the Priscilla star is a fan of DiCaprio’s as well, as he said:

He’s the GOAT.

Sadly, Leo will have to wait a while for a new season of Euphoria, as it was one of the TV shows delayed by the 2023 WGA Writers Strike. Now that the strike is officially over, the question remains: when Season 3 of Euphoria begin filming?

Jacob Elordi joked on The Tonight Show that they better get a move on, or “they’ll have to Benjamin Button me.”

While we don't know much about the show's return, we do know Euphoria won't premiere until at least 2025. Now that the strike is over and HBO canceled Sam Levinson's other project The Idol, hopefully, this show will go into production sooner rather than later.

We also know that Euphoria might have a five-year time jump where the teen characters are no longer teens anymore. And that may have to happen as the Season 2 finale was a couple of years ago. For the sake of the show’s consistency and realism, the cast will end up being in their late ‘20s by the time production starts for a third season. Being high school students may not look as convincing anymore if the TV series picks up where it left off.

Jacob Elordi is an incredibly lucky actor, not only because he's chatted with Killers of the Flower Moon’s Leonardo DiCaprio, but because said star told him how much he loves Euphoria. Hopefully, the ball will get rolling on a third season soon so fans like DiCaprio can continue to see the trajectory of the characters’ journeys.

The first two seasons of Euphoria are available to watch now with a Max subscription. Make sure to take a look at our 2024 TV schedule too so you can add more upcoming shows to your watchlist.