Timelapse Captures Leatherback Turtle Hatchlings Emerging on Costa Rican Beach

Timelapse video captured leatherback sea turtle hatchlings emerging from their nest at the mouth of Costa Rica’s Pacuare River on July 5.

Natalia Cara de Medeiros captured the footage and told Storyful sea turtle egg poaching is a major problem on Caribbean beaches.

With the help of the Latin American Sea Turtles association, the turtles’ nest was relocated to a hatchery along the Pacuare River to ensure the survival of the population.

“The hatchery is guarded 24/7, and when the hatchlings emerge, they get measured and weighed before being released on the beach at a good time of day,” de Medeiros said. Credit: Natalia Cara de Medeiros via Storyful

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