Timelapse shows Royal British Legion volunteers planting 3,460 unnamed crosses in tribute to fallen servicemen

The display, put up in Burnley Peace Garden, Lancs., took a team of ten volunteers two days to complete and will serve as a focal point for remembrance day reflections.

Organiser Sgt. Lee Hargreaves, 34, an RAF regiment gunner, said when the display was first created, each cross represented a local serviceman who had died in WW1.

But during the subsequent years, volunteers had decided to leave the crosses unnamed as a way to pay their respect to fallen soldiers from every era.

The impressive memorial also features 1,800 knitted poppies, which border the meticulously planned out garden tribute.

Lee said: “We think close to 5000 people have died in service to the country from the borough of Burnley since 1914.

“But this is now a story in keeping with the tomb of the unknown warrior, who has their grave in Westminster.

“We incorporated the ‘1914-2022’ years into the design to show that we’re remembering everybody from those periods.

"In total, it took about 11 hours over two days between ten people to compete it."

Lee said he felt remembrance day should be both about reflecting on those who’ve passed away and others still suffering the consequences of active service.