Tina Turner was left raging when husband Erwin Bach waited two days to call her after first time they slept together

Tina Turner was left raging when her second husband Erwin Bach waited two days to call her after the first time they slept together.

The late ‘Private Dancer’ singer married the German music producer, 67, who was by her side when she died aged 83 on 24 May at their Swiss estate, in 2013 – 35 years after she finalised her divorce from her abusive first husband and music partner Ike Turner.

She said in her ‘My Love Story’ memoir about bedding Erwin after a dinner party then waiting for his call: “Music was playing, the other guests drifted away, the kissing began and we kissed all the way to the bedroom. Erwin stayed with me that night.

“The next morning, he was scheduled to go to Hawaii on a business trip. I thought about him constantly for two days – and then he called, casually mentioning that his trip had been cancelled.

“He’d been a few miles away in Malibu the whole time, hanging out with his colleagues, and hadn't thought to tell me.

“I tried to stay cool but inside I was furious. ‘Tina, you stupid old fool,’ I fumed. Why did I make such bad choices in men? Why was there always disappointment?’

“I couldn’t bear the thought of being hurt again. I was better off alone, I decided.”

But Tina said after a few months went by she met Erwin again while she was promoting ‘Private Dancer’ in Basel, Switzerland, and “all my feelings came roaring back”

She added: I’d rented a house in Gstaad for the holidays, so I invited him and

some other people from EMI (the record label) to visit. And one night Erwin turned up alone, wearing a funny little German hat and exuding a masculinity that I found irresistible.

“By the end of the evening, I’d made up my mind to pack up and move in with him. From now on, wherever Erwin was would be my home.

“Thus began my love story with a man who was 16 years younger than me. But that was never an issue in my mind, then or now.”