Is The ‘Tinder For Fighting’ Rumblr App Really Coming To Stores?

If organised underground scraps like the ones seen in Brad Pitt movie Fight Club are your kind of thing, then you might be able to take part when the new Rumblr app launches.

Like a violent version of Tinder, Rumblr sees users arrange to meet complete strangers who live nearby for FIGHTS.

The shocking idea is apparently “100% serious” according to the New York-based team who designed it.

A spokesman told the New York Daily News: “We have raised relatively substantial funding from private American investors and the app is fully developed.

"Rumblr is an app for recreational fighters to find, meet and fight other brawl enthusiasts nearby.”

The app allows users to insult their opponent’s profile picture, using all sorts of foul language before meeting up for their brawl.

Fights are organised publicly so spectators can turn up to watch it all unfold, while a map will also show users where other fights are taking place nearby.

A section for group fights known as ‘RumblrGROUP’ will also be made available.

It is unclear whether this app is genuine or simply a publicity stunt - but the company website insists that Rumblr is "coming soon on the App Store”.

It is hard to believe that Apple, who are known for their strict rules on apps allowed on their platform, would allow something as violent on their store.

The company admitted that they were ironing out “a few legal issues” with the tech giant.

A staggering 78,000 people signed up to a beta version to trial the controversial app.

Pics: Rumblr/Grab