Tinder's New Data Shows People Are Tired Of Messing Around On Apps

Nobody likes uncertainty, especially when you’re dating someone. Dating apps are a pain to navigate as it is, so you really don’t want people to be wasting your time on it when your intentions don’t align.

But there are so many people who simply do not make their intentions clear from the get go, and then we’re all in for a merry-go-round ride we never asked to get on. Then come the situationships, the one sided attachments and the inevitable heartbreaks.

And with dating apps making it easy to have so many options, people often forget to consider how painful it can for others when you’re not clear about what you want.

And you know what? People are finally tired of it. Because a new research from Tinder has revealed that 73% of singles are now only looking to date someone who is clear about what they want.

The data also revealed that 52% of Gen Z prefers monogamous relationships, while 41% of them are open to or are actively seeking non monogamous or open relationships.

In light of this, Tinder is adding a relationship type feature onto its app so people can make their intentions clear from the get go. 

Tinder already has a relationship goals feature where people can let everyone know what their dating intentions are, and it could be quite helpful for people who just do not want their time wasted by things that they don’t want. Bumble and Hinge have this feature too.

However this new feature will help make it clear what type of relationship they want.

Using the relationship type feature, people on Tinder can specify whether they want a monogamous, ethically non monogamous, open, or polyamorous relationship. They can also say that they are open to exploring things.

“The term ‘commitment’ is not one-size-fits-all for this new generation. They’re exploring a range of possibilities — from monogamy to situationships to friendship — and it’s really important for them to be open and transparent about what they’re looking for. We’re making it easy for them to do this with features like Relationship Types and Relationship Goals,” said Kyle Miller, VP of Product at Tinder. 

Making your intentions clear from the very beginning can make it easy to avoid any future headaches and unnecessary heartbreaks. Dating is also incredibly time consuming, and spending all those hours and cash on someone who isn’t even on the same page as you is a luxury not many people can afford.

So it honestly comes as no surprise that people are done with uncertainty. No one likes to be toyed with, especially when it comes to their emotions.

People are fed up with the games. So if you’re someone who is doing that, now might be a good time to stop. Or you can fuck around and find out. Your call.