Tiny Cornish port town of Fowey hosts 60,000 tonne cruise ship

A tiny port town in Cornwall has hosted an enormous cruise ship weighing almost 60,000 tonnes.

The Spirit of Adventure motored into Fowey, which has a population of about 2,300 and has existed since before the Norman invasion.

Operated by Saga Cruises, the liner takes almost a thousand passengers and is 774ft long.

It is thought to be the longest and heaviest ship ever to have arrived in the town's harbour.

It was a "big deal" for local tourism, said harbourmaster Paul Thomas.

The liner, which has six lifts and 540 crew members, is steep-sided above the water line, with rows of balconies offering passengers a sea view from their rooms.

Fowey has banned new-build properties being sold as second homes - and not everyone was happy to see the ship's arrival.

Sasha Swire, wife of former Conservative minister Hugo Swire, said the sight of the ship towering over bobbing yachts in the harbour was "awful" and "shouldn't be allowed".

Someone else writing on X, formerly known as Twitter, described it as a "floating block of flats".

A third person worried about the ship's emissions but added: "Impressive scale, though."