Tiny disabled tortoise gets Lego wheels on his belly so he can move

Chris Parsons
News Editor
Yahoo News.
On the move again: 'Blade' the tortoise with his new wheels. (Rex)

They may not be known for their rapid movement at the best of times, but this tiny tortoise faced a slow existence even by his species’ standards.

The disabled creature lost the use of his legs due to a litany of woes including worms and a growth disorder that caused his legs to weaken so much he couldn’t bear his own weight.

But thankfully ‘Blade’ the baby tortoise is back on the move - after a vet fitted Lego wheels to the underside of his shell.

Dr Carsten Plischke’s temporary solution helps Blade to scoot around using his legs.

The vet borrowed Lego pieces from his own son’s collection so he could fit two sets of wheels to Blade’s shell.

Owner Iris Peste had taken the poorly tortoise to the vet after noticing he was acting out of character and struggling to move around.

Thankfully, the solution is not a permanent one as in time Blade should regain full use of his legs.

Speaking about the Blade's quirky 'therapy', Dr Plischke said: 'For people there are walkers, rollators or prostheses but for animals there are no companies that produce something like that'.

The young tortoise has been given his very own Lego wheelchair. (Rex)
Blade's wheels are only a temporary solution until he regains the use of his legs. (Rex)
Vet Dr. Carsten Plischke fitting Blade the tortoise with his Lego 'wheelchair'. (Rex)
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