Tiny electric Citroen Ami has been confirmed for sale in the UK

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Citroen has announced that it will sell the Ami in the UK following huge customer demand.

The French firm’s electric quadricycle is built for France’s ‘voiture sans permis’ regulations, which are vehicles that anyone over the age of 14 can drive even without a licence.

It had not been planned for sale in the UK, but a media offensive from Citroen UK over the summer generated ‘unprecedented customer demand’ – and with 12,000 people expressing an interest in buying the model, the firm will now officially bring the Ami to these shores.

A full driving licence will be required to drive it in the UK. The Ami has an electric motor with a 5.5kWh battery that can be recharged in three hours. This gives it a 46-mile range while the top speed is 28mph.

Citroen Ami

It’s just 2.41m long and has a tight turning circle, making it ideal for busy urban driving. The quirky looks are in-part down to the fact the body panels are the same left and right, front and rear, making it less expensive to repair.

Inside it’s incredibly basic, but has heating and somewhere to put your phone, with a small amount of storage for carrying smaller items.

It’s an interesting concept for the future of inner-city mobility, similar to the unique Renault Twizy. With zero emissions it’s exempt from London’s Congestion Charge and Ultra Low Emission Zone fees, and will not face charges in future Clean Air Zones in other cities either.

Citroen Ami

It’s also expected to cost somewhere in the region of £5,000, which would help to make electric motoring more affordable – though whether this price point is low enough for people to buy into the lack of creature comforts and low battery range remains to be seen.

Eurig Druce, managing director of Citroen UK, said: “I am absolutely delighted to announce that Citroen Ami is launching in the UK. With cities and urban areas introducing stricter limits for vehicles, and people demanding new mobility solutions, Ami shows once again how Citroën is adapting to meet the demands of the times.”

As of today (September 22), the 12,000 people who have already expressed an interest in the model can put down a £250 refundable deposit, with deliveries expected in spring 2022. Deposits will open to everyone on September 27.

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