Tiny makeshift van looks hilariously unsafe

feedback@motor1.com (Nico Ylanan)
Tiny Makeshift Van Looks Hilariously Unsafe

Some questionable road legality with this one.

Some of the most interesting automotive things come from Russia. If it isn't a set of startling dashcam clips, it's some sort of weird but funny experiment. In the latest video by our Russian friends from Garage54, they've decided to take the idea of a minibus and shrink it down. A lot. Remember when a minibus was supposed to pack as much people as possible in relative comfort and safety? Yeah, this isn't one of those regular minibuses. In fact, could we just all agree and call it a van?

Based off of a Russian-made GAZ minibus, Garage54 has decided to cut down the wheelbase extensively, so much so that your average compact saloon has more going for it. Actually, a Smart car might even give this thing a run for its money. Even the front doors take up at least two thirds of the entire vehicle. Its hilarious proportions are made even funnier because they've even figured out how to keep the rear tyres stock and even found the time to paint it "city shuttle" yellow. Inside, all you get is seating for five if you squeeze an extra person in the rear seat, but there are actually only four seats in total, including the driver. Under the bonnet is most likely the bulletproof Cumins turbocharged diesel 2.8-litre that makes a decent 160 bhp. And in a short van that's tall and squished, you're looking at some screwed up driving dynamics (read: do not take turns too fast).

The resourcefulness of our friends from Russia:

The good thing is that people love it, and the video shows some reactions from the general public. Driving around in one of these is sure to attract attention, and while we didn't get to see any cops do a double take, we're pretty sure that it wouldn't pass any roadworthiness tests. Hey, at least the lights and brakes work.