Tiny Norweigan village plagued by tourists thanks to Google maps error

Shehab Khan
Preikestolen cliff attracts tourists from all over the world: Wikimedia commons

A Norwegian village has been overrun by tourists looking for a famous cliff because of a mistake in Google Maps.

Confused travellers have been turning up in Fossmork looking for the famous Preikestolen cliff - over 18 miles away. Queues of minibuses have also lined up outside the village.

Resident Helge Fossmark said at certain times of the year dozens of cars arrive in a day.

“We have sent hundreds of tourists away in no uncertainty that they’re on the wrong side of the fjord. In the summer season up to 10-15 cars show up each day,” Mr Fossmark told the Stavanger Aftenblad newspaper.

Another local resident, Gunnar Bøe, said they get to speak to tourists from all over the world.

“When we are in the cabin, sometimes two, three, four or five tourists come in. Every day. They say they are going to Preikestolen and understand nothing,” Mr Bøe told the newspaper.

“Google Maps leads them over the Lysefjord bridge and into Fossmork. The road here is quite narrow and it they sometimes get quite upset when we tell them to go back,” he added.

Google has said it appreciates all the feedback it receives and it is always looking to improve its service.