Tiny Tortoise 'Boops' Golden Retriever's Nose

A tortoise got up close and personal with a not-so-fearsome but far bigger member of the animal kingdom, footage shared to YouTube on May 15 shows.

Bangkok-based Thanankorn Pakdeeatsawasophon posted this footage to his Cookie Cute channel, which features numerous videos of his canine pets and their interactions with his family.

This time out, his dog, who goes by the name of Biscuit, is seen calmly resting on the floor as two small tortoises walk around him.

One of the tortoises, who Pakdeeatsawasophon has named Waffle, gets an up-close view of Biscuit. The tiny reptile eventually rouses Biscuit into life after Waffle taps his head against the pooch’s nose. Credit: Cookie Cute via Storyful

Video transcript


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