The Tip For Buying Fish To Make Taco Night Even Easier

white fish tacos on tortillas
white fish tacos on tortillas - Lauripatterson/Getty Images

Tacos rival pizza as one of the world's favorite foods. And while carnitas, al pastor, and birria are among the most popular taco fillings, fish provides a light and fresh alternative with a whole new set of flavors and garnishes that are worth checking out.

The best fish options for taco night encompass a wide variety of white flaky fish, including tilapia, snapper, cod, or mahi mahi. But regardless of the type you choose, you should buy the thinnest filets you see at the fish counter. Thick filets may be the gold standard for a stand-alone main course, but the opposite is true for tacos; you want flakes or chunks small enough to fit inside a handheld corn tortilla. Thin filets cook and absorb sauces and marinades quickly and easily. It'll also be easier to break down the meat with a fork, allowing everyone to assemble their taco straight from the grill or stovetop.

You can marinate the filets with lime juice and zesty Mexican spices for as little as 15 minutes while you make salsas and assemble garnishes, then throw the filets on the grill or frying pan for flaky, wonderfully seasoned, and moist fish tacos in less than half an hour.

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How To Make Delicious Fish Tacos

tilapia filets on cutting board
tilapia filets on cutting board - Lauripatterson/Getty Images

Thin filets will cook quickly, taking no longer than 3 to 5 minutes per side. Whether you're frying them in a pan or grilling them, a watchful eye will guarantee they won't dry out. Marinades are also key to a moist and flavorful fish. Keep it simple and draw inspiration from common Mexican spices like cumin, coriander, chili powder, oregano, and paprika. You could also buy taco mix spice packets to throw in with lime juice and oil to save time.

While authentic beef or pork meat tacos usually come with little more than chopped onion and cilantro, fish tacos offer a much wider variety of toppings. Shredded cabbage, crema, and fresh tomatoes are par for the course, but you could get much more creative by making a flavorful cabbage and cilantro slaw or a roasted corn and tomato salsa. Pineapple or an easy mango salsa with freshly chopped jalapeños would work well with fish too.

For more authentic flavors, corn tortillas are best with fish tacos. White or blue corn tortillas offer a much more savory and corn-forward flavor than the yellow kind, making the perfect earthy complement for the fish.

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