Tips on How to Motivate Your Cheerleading Squad

Cheerleading encompasses cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, and, most importantly, teamwork in order to execute what the cheerleading squad is suppose to accomplish.

Like any other sport, there are certain ways to motivate and assist your cheerleading squad to becoming the best it can be.

Training: In order to have your cheerleaders prepared, you must get them into training. Set up a time aside from cheerleading practice at least two times a week for your cheerleaders to perform cardiovascular exercises, as well as strength training exercises. Also, having your cheerleaders be flexible with joint range of motion is important. An example of a team workout could be running a 1 1/2 miles on training days, performing warmups with stretching (in order to help prevent muscle strain), strength training workouts for quads, hamstrings, back, biceps, triceps, and abs (main muscle groups that are imperative to cheerleading).

Sharing: Although there are always team leaders in any sport, there should be an adequate amount of sharing of responsibility when it comes to making your cheerleading squad successful. Have each squad member participate, for example, in leading the exercises for training day, calling each cheer, passing out needed items, etc. When all of your squad members participate, they will feel like a part of the team and more willing to work together.

Camaraderie: Set up a time, aside from cheerleading practice and exercises, once a week or every two weeks for your cheerleading squad to bond. It is important that your squad get to know each other since they need to work together as a team in order to be successful. Not everyone will be friends, however; it is a good way to get to know who your squad is, and how your squad will interact with each other. Some activities to promote camaraderie could be fund raising together or going out to eat together. For more ideas to promote camaraderie for your cheerleading squad, visit

Cheerleading is much more than an activity accessorized with pom-poms. It is a sport that takes training, tasks with responsibility and team work in order to be successful.

Heather M. Johnson-Emerson is an amateur NPC bikini competitor and is also an aerobics instructor. For more health and fitness articles, visit Heather M. Johnson-Emerson's contributor page.