Titans star responds to surprising season 3 character return

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Photo credit: DC / HBO Max
Photo credit: DC / HBO Max

Titans season 3 spoilers follow.

Titans star Damaris Lewis has opened up about Blackfire's unexpected return in season 3 and teased new tensions between the character and her little sister Kory/Starfire.

The DC superhero show returned to HBO Max on August 12, with the first three episodes of the new season premiering at once, and the series' latest episode saw Kory (Anna Diop) locate a government facility that had been holding Blackfire.

Unable to abandon her sister, Kory freed Blackfire and took her back to Wayne Manor.

Photo credit: HBO
Photo credit: HBO

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Speaking about the latest episode, Damaris Lewis recalled how shocked she was to learn of how her character Komand'r of Tamaran/Blackfire's return would play out.

"Oh my gosh — it was not what I was expecting in the best way possible," she told TVLine.

"After taking over that poor lady's body [in the Season 2 finale's bonus scene], I was not expecting to start season 3 in a vulnerable position, so to see the writers jumping in with this sisterly connection from an emotional standpoint, it was a beautiful thing.

"I knew right then and there that I was going to have a lot to play with."

Lewis went on to say that she and Blackfire "connect very, very, very deeply" and that some of her own personal struggles have gone into the narrative that's about to unfold.

"I actually told the writers a lot about my own story, growing up, and how I'm always sad for the person who tells the truth but no one believes them," she explained.

"How can you not be, right? We all want to live lives where hopefully we can tell the truth every single day and have people who love us no matter what. But that's not Blackfire's experience."

Photo credit: HBO
Photo credit: HBO

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During the interview, Lewis also touched on Blackfire's confusion over Kory saving her, suggesting that "this is where the fun begins" in terms of the storyline going forward.

"This has never happened to her before, in her life. She's never been saved by her sister, she's never been looked out for by her sister, she always is the one who gets in trouble and stays in trouble," she said.

"You see that when they get upstairs and she's like, 'Where are you taking me? I don't trust you, you've never done this before. Why would you come back for me?'

"And to be honest with you, this is where the fun begins."

Titans airs on the DC Universe streaming service in the US, and on Netflix in the UK.

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