Today's crossword is especially cryptic – can you crack it?

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blue tit - Getty Images/iStockphoto

Cryptic Crossword 30,213: Short and occasionally slightly blue

Despite an accusation thrown at me by a colleague just now, “short and occasionally slightly blue” isn’t a description of a certain well-known royal’s frostbite. Rather, it’s a pretty accurate précis of today’s Cryptic Crossword, which bears the hallmarks of one of our regular Thursday compilers: Ray Terrell.

Terrell has set more than 500 Telegraph Cryptics, in addition to having almost 150 Toughies published under his pseudonym of Beam (a synonym for “ray”, as in a ray of sunlight). This makes him one of our most experienced compilers, as well as one of the most distinctive. Whereas most of us mere mortals (myself included) are more than content with simply writing cryptic clues that work, Terrell sets himself a number of self-limiting challenges, each of which is evident in today’s crossword.

Perhaps the trickiest constraint to which to adhere is Terrell’s stated aim that no clue should contain more than eight words. This in itself is challenging enough, but a quick scan of the clues in today’s puzzle reveals that it goes one step further (if not two): each clue contains, at most, six words. It’s hard to convey just how difficult this is to achieve. Take the following epitome of conciseness, in which “fan” shouldn’t be read as a noun:

Fan letters providing support (7)

Another regular feature in Terrell’s armoury is using one or two clues that rely on initial letters to find the answer:

Improved cakes, enhancing decoration initially (4)

That’s not to say that the puzzles are free of subtlety and nuance. In probably my favourite clue today, some lateral thinking is required:

Feeling better than you are! (8)

So, that’s the “short” covered. But what about the “blue”? Well, typically, one or more clues in any puzzle by Terrell wouldn’t feel out of place in a Carry On film, if read in a certain way. Try the following for size:

Bust is forward, maintaining volume (9)

As is the case when solving any cryptic crossword, remember one thing: the first meaning that springs to mind is generally not the one that’s needed.

You can have a go at today’s Cryptic Crossword on our new puzzles website; the answers to today’s picks are at the bottom of this page.

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Cryptic Crossword 30,213 clue answers:


ICED: initial letters Improved Cakes Enhancing Decoration

ARROGANT: cryptic definition/joke

INSOLVENT : V (= volume) in INSOLENT (= forward)

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