Today's key general election headlines as Nigel Farage is odds on to win a seat

-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)

After the first head to head between Labour challenger Sir Keir Starmer and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak last night, expect to hear supporters of each party spend this morning telling you their guy won.

If you're inclined to read another poll, YouGov will deliver a snap poll overnight on who the public thinks clinched the glory in the ITV debate. Reminder, there are plenty more debates to come.

Elsewhere, UK Labour will be hoping that their Welsh colleagues don't take the campaign message of "change" too literally as Vaughan Gething faces a no confidence vote in the Senedd today.

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1. Odds on for Nigel Farage MP?

He said he was joining the election campaign to liven it up, and he's certainly done that. The Nigel Farage show is firmly in town. No other candidate has seen thronging crowds there to welcome them but then again they've also never had a milkshake and a pint thrown at them within a few minutes. Since Mr Farage announced he was standing for election for the eighth time, the odds on him winning the seat of Clacton in Essex have been slashed. Oddschecker are giving Nigel Farage a 65% chance of winning the Clacton seat at odds of 4/11. William Hill has reported significant support for the party to pick up 10 or more seats at the general election. The price of 33/1 to win 10 seats or more has shortened dramatically, all the way into 5/1.

Ukip has also withdrawn candidates from some constituencies to help Reform on its way to its first seats in Parliament.

More on Mr Farage - who else - YouGov data shows:

  • 58% of Britons are not keen on him entering Parliament (46% not ‘at all’ and 12% not ‘very much’

  • 27% of Britons are more positive – 11% want him to become an MP ‘a fair amount’ and 16% ‘a great deal’

  • Of those who voted Conservative in 2019, 51% want to see him in the Commons, 36% do not

2. A military theme

There's a theme to today's tact from both Labour and the Conservatives - the military. The 80th anniversary of the D-day landings is tomorrow (June 6) and Rishi Sunak will speak at a D-Day 80th anniversary event in Portsmouth while Labour too is expected to talk about the armed forces at its campaign events.

3. Labour's manifesto date?

Politico has heard that Labour will launch its manifesto on June 13. The party has faced much chatter over the fact its events so far have been pretty policy light, and they are clearly playing the cautious card, not wanting to cause themselves anything that could jeopardise the huge lead polls are giving them.

Current plans, which can move, are for the launch to be held in a marginal seat in the north of England. Roughly 80 Labour officials will meet in a secret location in London on Friday to sign off the party’s manifesto in a process known as the ‘Clause V’ meeting. There will be tight security for attendees after the manifesto leaked in 2017, the website reported.

The Conservatives are being touted as launching theirs early next week, although we've had more of a flavour about their policy plans as they've tried to make ground since Rishi Sunak's election announcement.