Toddler With Down Syndrome Delighted by His Reflection

A toddler with down syndrome giggled and smiled after seeing himself in the mirror at home in Union City, Michigan.

Mother Ruthie Brenneman recorded a video that melted her heart showing the young Jaxson Jaymes surveying himself in the mirror and smiling when he looking himself in the eyes.

“I had tears flowing as I ran to record this. Jaxson Jaymes saw himself his beauty and his personality! It is priceless,” Brenneman told Storyful.

Brenneman said she was terrified when she found out her baby has down syndrome when she was pregnant. But she said the fear left after she gave birth.

“The video just shows parents who are afraid of the ‘unknown’ as they have first received news of the unborn child that it’s going to be perfectly fine,” Brenneman said. Credit: Ruthie Brenneman via Storyful