Toddler Enjoys First Ride on Backyard Rollercoaster Built by Dad

Meet three-year-old West – a boy who might just have the best dad in the world, given that he can now ride his own personal dad-built rollercoaster at home in Brighton, Colorado.

Adorable footage shows West gearing up to take his first ride, and giggling with his arms up as he zooms around.

“That was so fun,” West concludes.

West’s father, Scott A Brazelton, told Storyful he came across a video of a retired aerospace engineer who built his grandkids a rollercoaster and reached out to him for help. Brazelton said he built a first rollercoaster for his eldest son Wyatt, and wanted to “be fair to my second son, West, and build him a rollercoaster too.”

When Brazelton asked West what he wanted the rollercoaster car to look like, he replied, “A Southwest plane!” Brazelton said.

He added: “I’m a pilot at Southwest Airlines and we travel a lot, so that’s where he got that idea from.”

Footage of the first rollercoaster Brazelton built went viral on YouTube, reaching over 51 million views. Credit: Scott A. Brazelton via Storyful

Video transcript

- Look it, mom. He built a airplane.

- An airplane?

- Mm-hmm.

- What kind of airplane is it?

- It's a blue one, and it has this on it.

- And what is that?

- A heart.

- What is the heart for?

- Heart beats. That it says southwest.

- Southwest?

- Uh-huh.

- Do you want to go-- do you want to go low and slow at first, until you feel comfortable? And then we'll go fast?

- No. No.

- No what?

- I want to go fast.

- You want to go fast right off the bat? OK.

- This guy doesn't go by itself, huh?

- Yep.

- How could you not do that?

- It uses gravity.

- 'Cause it has gravity?

- Gravity, yep.

- Safety check.

- Safety check.

- Yep.

- Seriously?

- OK, you ready?

- Uh-huh. Ut-oh. Ut-oh. [LAUGHING] Ut-oh, I'm going to be like it.


- Ut-oh. Ut-oh. Ut-oh.

- Are you ready?

- Oh. Wait. Oh, no. I ca-- [LAUGHING]

- You want to go again?

- [LAUGHING] That was so fun.

- Was it?

- Uh-huh.

- It looks fun.


- That was so fast. I can not help, know how I could do that.

Watch out!


[LAUGHING] That was very fun.

- Was it?

- Uh-huh.

- What do you think, take a break for a bit?

- No.

- OK, last time for now, OK?

- I want to do this two more times.

- Two more times?

- Yeah.

- That's ridiculous.

- I want to do it four more times.

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