Toddler Hones His Fiddle Skills During Live Music Session at Irish Pub

A toddler charmed patrons at an Irish pub with his adorable fiddling during a live music session on May 7.

Danann O’Flaherty, two-and-a-half years old, loves to fiddle alongside his dad, Ronan, at their family pub, Tigh Choili, in Galway city.

Footage captured by his mom, Lassa, shows the tyke jamming out on a toddler-sized instrument during a recent traditional music session at the pub.

“He loves to play the fiddle, guitar, and concertina at home to traditional music on YouTube, so I said I’d bring him in with me to play. And the rest is history,” Ronan told Storyful. “He just loves it.” Credit: Lassa Lhopitallier via Storyful

Video transcript



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