A toddler hopes to become the youngest motorbike stunt rider in the UK

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Meet the pint-sized toddler hoping to take on the 'Globe of death' on his fourth birthday to become the youngest motorbike stunt rider in the UK. Pedro Pavlov already whizzes around at speeds of 35mph and wants to emulate his uncle Peter who was just eight when he first took on the heart-stopping circus act. The Globe of Death is a circus stunt where up to six riders whizz around inside a mesh sphere ball and loop around and across each other at speeds of more than 60mph. Peter, now 22, wowed audiences at Britain's Got Talent and at the London Palladium and has been training the little lad to perform tricks and skills on two wheels. Pedro, who is the fifth generation of circus performers in his family, has become obsessed with 'going faster' - and hopes to one day be the star of his own show. The dazzling daredevil got his first push bike when he was two, but just six months later he was ready to make the switch to an electric motor and is already performing jumps on his own. Pedro, from Market Rasen, Lincs., said: "I want to go faster, and faster. "Uncle Peter is the best, I want to be fast like him." The three-foot-tall speed demon got his first motorbike when he turned three, but mum Emilia, 25, said she will only let him take the stage after his birthday in April next year. The Pavlovs perform at Planet Circus, one of the UK's largest touring circuses, and tour around the country for most of the year. Emilia said that her tiny hero is 'already a showman' and often will ride out at the end of the shows and high-five the crowds. While he isn't part of the circus yet, he has his own set of ramps which he performs dizzying jumps on and he enjoys entertaining the crowds with his own impromptu shows. The mum-of-two said: "He's a born showman. I was speechless, even when we do shows he will always ride into centre stage. "He will ride around and high-five all the kids and all the people. "He's been amazing, he's smashing it. He loves being on stage. "His happiness is my happiness, so seeing him so happy is amazing. Nothing makes him as happy as riding a bike, so I will do everything to help him." But Emilia has set ground rules and told the eager rider that he needs to wait until he turns four next year so he can get more practice in. Pedro also knows that if he doesn't wear a helmet he's not allowed on the bike, she added. Emilia said: "My heart is in my mouth every time I watch him, but as long as I keep him as safe as I can I want to help make his dreams come true. "I'll help him as much as I can. "I always tell him no helmet no bike, so he knows not to touch the bike if he's not wearing a helmet. "I've grown up with motorbikes left, right, and centre. So, it's natural to us. "But he's so young, so that was quite shocking. "I've grown up seeing professionals doing stunts every day, but I was so shocked to see how amazing Pedro was on two wheels." Emilia said that Pedro is fearless but can only muster around 20 minutes inside the cage as he quickly becomes 'too dizzy'. Emilia said: "Pedro is not scared at all. He just tells me gets dizzy. "Once he conquers the dizziness, he'll be fine."

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