Toddler, one, dies after father leaves her in hot truck all day

Nick Reilly
The young girl died after she was left in the sweltering vehicle (Police)

A one-year-old girl reportedly died after she was left all day inside a pickup truck at her family’s home.

The girl’s adoptive father reportedly forgot that the girl was left in the car at the East Nashville home after dropping her sibling at a daycare centre.

The incident occurred as temperatures in Nashville reached a sweltering 26 degrees outside, meaning that the heat inside the vehicle may have reached near 50 degrees.

The child’s adoptive mother reportedly found the youngster in her car seat on Wednesday evening.

She was pronounced dead upon arrival at the Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital.

Sharing a photo of the truck on Twitter, the Nashville Police Department wrote: ‘Adoptive mother found the girl at Virginia Ave home this evening.

‘She was pronounced deceased upon arrival at Vanderbilt Hospital. Investigation will continue through the night.’


Police say that an investigation into the incident is ongoing.

The identities of the parents are yet to be revealed.