Toddler ‘punishes’ his dad by sending him to stay with his grandpa

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Watch this adorable toddler “punish” his dad by sending him for a sleepover with his grandpa!

Donna (@keepupwithjacob) is a parent and TikToker who shares videos of her adorable and often hilarious toddler, Jacob. Jacob loves joking around and teasing his parents, and in a recent video, he decided to take things to the next level by getting his grandpa in on the action!

In the video, Jacob calls his grandpa on the phone and arranges a sleepover for his dad to punish him for being too “bold.”

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The video begins with a shot of Jacob sitting on the couch, a Toy Storythemed blanket draped across his lap. The toddler holds a phone up in front of him and talks loudly to his grandpa on the other end. “Daddy’s being lots and lots and lots of bold,” Jacob complains to his granddad.

“So what do you want me to do about it?” Jacob’s grandpa replies.

Jacob thinks for a moment, then exclaims, “You can keep him!”

At this, Donna erupts into laughter behind the camera.

“I can keep him, can I?” Jacob’s grandpa asks, also laughing. “You’re throwing him out again?”

“Yeah, throwing him out!” Jacob replies, and begins to wave at his dad. “Daddy, pack all your bags! You’re going to granddad’s!”

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“Am I?” Jacob’s dad replies skeptically, from somewhere off screen.

“Yeah,” Jacob says. Then, worried his dad’s feelings will be hurt, he continues, “Only for two sleepovers.”

Staring back down at the phone, Jacob continues his conversation with his grandpa. “We’ll leave him there for two sleepovers,” he explains. “It’s today.”

“Right,” Jacob’s grandpa replies.

“Good,” says Jacob. “Very good.”

The video ends with the toddler giggling as he continues his call with his grandpa.

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the adorably cheeky toddler!

“Your son has me smiling every day,” one viewer wrote.

“He’s so cute! A natural comedian. He has a well-developed sense of humor!” commented another viewer.

“Poor daddy, kicked out again!” another TikToker commented.

Hopefully, Jacob’s dad wasn’t too sad after his two-sleepover punishment!

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