Toddler terrified of fast-food chain mascot in the Philippines

A terrified toddler tries to hide herself from a mascot who came to entertain the children in a famous chicken restaurant in the Philippines on September 8.

While other children went closer to touch and dance with the mascot, Jarizz Audrielle Conde, three, was having mixed emotions on how to react upon seeing the giant red bee with a hat.

'Jollibee' came out to greet the children dining in their restaurant as a surprise, but she was somehow afraid despite the jolly background music.

Jarizz's mother Mae said that it was her first time seeing the mascot and was afraid of its unusual appearance.

She said: "The mascot even tried to say hello to her, but it only scared her more. Her reaction was cute, but I explained later what the mascot was. She told me she will make friends with it next time."