Toilet Paper Bought in Bulk at Sydney Costco as Coronavirus Fears Spread

Customers at a Sydney Costco were seen panic buying large quantities of basic goods such as toilet paper as the number of coronavirus cases in Australia increased, on March 3.

“I went this morning just to grab a few things but when I got there I was pretty shock [sic] with the amount of people there. Everyone pushing each other to get toilet paper and other things. People trying to take toilet paper out of other people’s trolleys as well. Pushing other people’s carts to get where they want to go. Not caring it will hurt anyone else,” a customer told Storyful, on the condition of anonymity, who filmed this video at the Lidcombe Costco store.

Costco Australia told Storyful it would not be making comment to the media about reports of panic buying at Sydney outlets.

Meanwhile, there were reports of similar scenes at Coles and Woolworths stores. Both supermarkets said they’d increased deliveries to cope with the spike in demand for long-life food items and other household staples. Ongoing shortages of hand sanitiser were being reported across multiple retail networks.

The Australian Government reported 33 confirmed cases of coronavirus on the morning of March 3. New South Wales Health later in the day reported an extra four cases of coronavirus in the state. Credit: Anonymous via Storyful