Toilet Restaurant: Would Loo Believe It

Sky News US Team

A restaurant believed to be America's first toilet-themed eatery has opened just outside Los Angeles.

The bathroom has been brought into the dining room, with customers sitting on lavatories instead of chairs while they eat.

But the restroom theme does not stop there.

The food, which includes pork over rice and spicy shredded chicken, is served in miniature ceramic toilet bowls and urinals.

But diners at the Taiwanese eatery seem to enjoy the experience.

Speaking at the Magic Restroom Cafe, one said: "The way they serve us on top of some toilet dishes and sitting on top of a toilet seat, it's very unique.

"And some people even put their purses inside the toilets, so it's hilarious."

Another diner said: "It's really great and interesting for me because we wanted something new to try. This is a good atmosphere for me."

Several similar restaurants are already in operation in various parts of Asia.

Manager Gin Han said: "We wanted to bring in new concepts to the United States.

"We haven't seen anything like this before, so gathering some inspirations from other foreign countries in Asia, we came up with our own product.

"We're very excited that it's been so popular so far."

Food blogger Jackie Lee visited a toilet-themed restaurant in Hong Kong in 2009.

She told Sky News: "It was everything you'd expect from a novelty joint - gaudy and bizarre.

"Every table featured a glass-topped sink or bath, surrounded by toilet 'seats', each with a different lid.

"In case you were wondering, it is not very comfortable to sit on a toilet lid for an extended period of time, especially not over lunch."

She added: "As for the food, well, aside from being served in miniature toilets and urinals, it was fairly mediocre. It wasn't terrible, but certainly nothing to write home about."