‘We told you junction was dangerous’: Councillor says next accident could be fatal

‘We told you junction was dangerous’: Councillor says next accident could be fatal
‘We told you junction was dangerous’: Councillor says next accident could be fatal

A councillor has warned there could be a fatality at a busy Darwen junction unless road markings are re-painted.

It follows another accident at the Heys Lane junction with Broken Stone Road and Bog Height Road, which saw a motorist drive into traffic not realising there was a give way junction there.

The landlady of the Black Bull, which stands on the corner of the crossroads, also revealed this was the fourth accident in as many weeks at the junction, with one motorist being hit twice by two different cars.

Blackburn with Darwen Council has now said work at Broken Stone Road and Bog Height Road will be completed in the next four to six weeks, but this may come too late, said Livesey with Pleasington Cllr Mark Russell who has been raising the issue through the summer.

Following complaints the Conservative councillor was told "that, whilst the incident that occurred was unfortunate, this is not down the to the lining but purely the driver not paying sufficient attention".

He was also told "that the signs are the legal indictor a vehicle needs to stop" and not the road markings.

Approaching the junction from Heys Lane there are 'give way' signs on both sides of the road, but road markings at the junction are barely visible.

Cllr Russell said: “I am very annoyed the Council has blamed the driver for this accident.

"It was pointed out to the Council weeks ago that signage was obscured by vegetation and the road markings had worn away.

“At the same time, an accident of this exact nature was predicted. Yet nothing was done about road safety at this junction and the predicted accident occurred.

"If it was the driver's fault the accident would not have been so easily predictable.

"If one of the vehicles had been speeding or an HGV there could easily have been a fatality.

“Public sector bodies should remember they exist to serve the public and accept responsibility for the consequences of their own inaction, rather than trying to shift blame.”

It is not the only busy junction where faded lines have led to a number of near misses.

In the heart of the Brookhouse area the lines on the junction of Randal Street and Charlotte Street have almost disappeared.

Wendy Bell, who runs the Black Bull pub in Broken Stone Road with her husband, said there had been four accidents in a matter of weeks at the junction and it was unfair to blame the driver.

In footage of the latest accident on Tuesday, September 20, a car drives across Heys Lane, the driver seemingly not realising there was a give way located there.

She was worried that the lack of urgency would mean further incidents in the coming weeks.

She said: “It is something I brought up a few years ago and eventually something was done.

“We are now in the same situation and it seems nobody is taking things seriously.

“The daytime is bad enough and the night is even worse. If you are not from round here you would not know that there is a give way here. Especially, with vegetation covering the signs.

“Accidents have even led to the pub being damaged.

“There are large heavy wagons travelling to the area and imagine if someone pulls into to one of them.”

Cllr Quesir Mahmood, Executive Member for Growth and Development, said: “In March 2022, the Council committed to allocating an additional £265,000 to repaint safety critical lining. Areas were identified using local data and Councillor complaints.

“The junction at Heys Lane and Broken Stone Road is already part of our planned works as part of this investment and is due to be completed in the next four to six weeks.

“In the meantime, the give way signs are clearly visible and ensure that the junction is compliant with regulations. We ask all residents to drive safely and take care.”