NFL Twitter erupts after Tom Brady appears to forget number of downs on Bucs' final drive

Jack Baer
·2-min read

The Tom Brady Era in Tampa Bay has been a somewhat mixed bag so far, but it reached its most entertaining point of the season on Thursday. Entertaining for Brady’s haters, at least.

Driving down the field down 20-19 against the Chicago Bears less than a minute left, Brady faced a do-or-die moment on fourth-and-6 at his own 41. Brady’s pass to Cameron Brate was broken up, giving the Bears the win.

However, Brady was seen signaling to officials that he thought he still had fourth down to work with. He was incorrect.

Naturally, one of the most successful (and disliked) quarterbacks in NFL history losing a game with a brain fart, especially after being seen screaming at his teammates on the sideline, was going to be a glorious moment for a certain subsection of Twitter.

There were jokes. So many jokes, including quite a few J.R. Smith comparisons. Los Angeles Lakers legend Magic Johnson was also around to provide his trademark analysis.

NFL Twitter reacts to Tom Brady’s huge mistake

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