Tom Brady: "I don't want to bring on any drama this year"

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is not interested in drama as he prepares for Sunday’s NFL opener against the Houston Texans.

Don’t talk to Tom Brady unless it’s about football.

At his Friday news conference, the Patriots quarterback declined to answer questions about anything besides football.

“I don’t want to bring on any drama this year,” Brady said on Friday instead saying that his focus was on being a good leader. “That’s where my focus is. I know people want to talk about a lot of other things, but I just really want to stick on football and focus on being the best I can be for this team.”

Two days ago, Brady said that he was learning to better handle media reports of drama around his team. On Friday, Brady was asked about first about his personal athletic trainer and business partner Alex Guerrero and then about Nike’s controversial Colin Kaepernick advertisement.

“I really want to focus on football, not hot topics, and my reaction to a lot of hot topics and so forth,” Brady said.

Instead, the quarterback said his focus would be on the the Patriot’s opponent in the season opener – the Houston Texans.

“They’re a great team,” Brady said. “That’s where my focus is, not on advertisements and so forth.”

Brady was elected a team captain for the 17th straight season and said in “Tom vs. Time” that he hopes to play until he’s 45.

“I love playing football. I love the sport. I’ve been doing it for a long time,” Brady said. “I’m not sure what life would be like without it. I’ve had a few experiences when I haven’t been out there and haven’t liked those very much.

Last season, Brady and the Patriots nearly won the Super Bowl, before losing to the Philadelphia Eagles 41-33.

“There’s no place I’d rather be Sunday afternoon at 1 o’clock than playing here, and playing well.” Brady said as he begins his campaign to win a sixth Super Bowl.

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