Tom Cruise Is Flying High As a Government-Sanctioned Drug Runner in First 'American Made' Trailer

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Tom Cruise takes on an undead adversary in this Friday’s The Mummy, and he made news last week talking up his plans to once again enter the cockpit for Top Gun: Maverick. But before he gets to work on that aerial action sequel, he’ll be getting a far different project off the ground: American Made, the based-on-a-true-story tale of a pilot recruited by the CIA to transport contraband in the 1980s. Directed by Cruise’s Edge of Tomorrow director Doug Liman, the crime saga is set to arrive this fall, preceded by its just-released first trailer (watch it above).

Here, Cruise plays pilot Barry Seal, recruited by Domhnall Gleeson’s federal bigwig to keep tabs on Pablo Escobar’s Medellin cartel by flying drugs and cash in and out of America. While doing illicit things on the orders of the U.S government sounds like just the right sort of job for a cocky hotshot like Seal, things don’t go as smoothly as he expects, as we see the above promo, which is chockablock with armed men pointing guns at Cruise’s face, governmental agents arresting and/or talking tough to him, and his wife (Sarah Wright) candidly admitting that she doesn’t trust him.

Whether reading up on Al Capone or crash-landing on a suburban street in a mist of cocaine, Cruise appears ready to navigate a maelstrom of drug-business insanity in American Made, which also stars Jesse Plemons and Jayma Mays. It lands in theaters on Sept. 29.

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