Tom Cruise performs hair-raising stunt on Blackfriars Bridge for new Mission: Impossile film

Sean Morrison

Tom Cruise brought part of central London to a standstill as he performed a stunt for the latest Mission: Impossible film.

The 55-year-old actor was pictured running across the roof of Brackfriars rail bridge on Saturday.

Traffic was halted on the bridge and boats kept from the area while the shoot for Mission: Impossible 6 took place.

Cruise braved bitter cold winds as he sprinted high over the Thames with a low-flying helicopter filming his progress.

Tom Cruise runs along the rooftop of Blackfriars station in London (PA)

The Hollywood stalwart is famed for performing his own stunts, and last year injured himself when he jumped between two buildings during a shoot in the capital.

On Saturday, he appeared back in fine form as he warmed up in a thick jacket on the roof of the bridge.

Below, Thameslink trains continued passing through the station as normal - full of commuters unaware that one of the world's most celebrated action stars was metres above them.

Over the course of several takes Cruise stripped off his coat and could be seen darting south across the river, before quickly wrapping up again.