Tom Cruise (sort of) nearly killed Simon Pegg with pranks


Simon Pegg and Tom Cruise had tons of #ladbantz while filming Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation together, to the point that Si “nearly died” from one of Tom’s crazy pranks.


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While filming in intense heat in Casablanca, Morocco (poor them), Tom started making sure Simon was even hotter!

Speaking to Yahoo!, Simon said: “Tom kept putting the heater in my seat on and was heating me up for a joke. I nearly died. ”

Simon didn’t take this attempted murder prank lying down however, and decided to take matters into his own hands. Banter.

He continued: “I eventually realised what he was doing then it became a little war and then I put tape over the light so he couldn’t see if his was on.”


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Simon also spoke about his Mission Impossible character Benji who he said has turned into a “badass”.

He said: “Benji’s gone from being a guy in the lab to being a super-secret agent. I’m a bit of a badass chasing Ethan’s tail…but not in that way”.

Tommy C was also on the red carpet, swarmed by fans who’d queued outside the Opera House, in Covent Garden. You’d hope so, with him being the main man and all.


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The Hollywood star looked fab in a suit and actually took the time to stop and pose for selfies with his fans. SUCH A NICE GUY!

Tom - who does his own stunts, Fact Fans - also admitted he was “scared s***less” filming a scene, in which he’s strapped to the side of the plane. Well, wouldn’t we all be?

He explained: “(Mission Impossible screenwriter) Chris McQuarrie said, ‘What do you think about hanging on the outside of this airplane?’ and I said, ‘yeah that sounds fun I’ve always wanted to do something like that’.

“As we’re taking off, I see Simon Pegg is over there and then this thing starts going down the runway and I had a hard time keeping my feet and the adrenaline got going and I felt scared s***less.”

We still love you Tom, and, clearly, so does Simon Pegg!