Tom Daley’s Amazing Frying Pan Has People Very Excited

No, that’s not a euphemism.

Back To The Future’s prediction of flying cars might not have come true, but the future is looking SIZZLING, slightly oily and pretty greasy judging by this epic frying pan that Tom Daley’s been flaunting on Instagram.

All things we are very much okay with, if it means having this five-part dream in our lives.


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Who knew a £70 kitchen utensil/gadget/hob-based bento box could whip us into so much of a frenzy at the beginning of a grey and rainy Monday morning (and make us so ridiculously hungry after ALL THE CHRISTMAS FOOD)?

Posting a photo of the best thing we’ve seen all year, Tom, who was seemingly cooking for fiancé Dustin Lance Black, wrote: “Sunday morning full English breakfast for the American :).”

However, whilst it would normally be the food itself getting us drooling, it was actually the pan getting all the attention.


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Commenting on the photo on Instagram, one user wrote: “Where did u get that??? I need that in my life!!”

Another said: “THE FRYING PAN OF DREAMS,” while another added: “kitchen utensil goals”.

Wave goodbye to #SquadGoals and say hello to 2016′s new trend - #FRYINGPANGOALS.

It’s definitely going to happen.


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Twitter users were also boiling over with envy, with one writing: “I can’t stop thinking about Tom Daley’s frying pan”.

Another user was particularly excited about multi-tasking, tweeting: “the amount of things i could cook at once with tom daley’s frying pan” [sic].

However, the pan has left a bad taste in some users’ mouths, with one saying: “Actually haunted by Tom Daley’s frying pan. Actual thing of nightmares. It made me v uncomfortable. Bin it Tom, for the good of the world.”


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Another wrote: “Can someone explain to me why Tom Daley’s pan is so great? It looks hugely unwieldy and like it would cook things really unequally…”

Others weren’t impressed with Tom’s choice of breakfast items, with one Facebook user getting this brilliant response:


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Our New Year’s fitness goals are officially ruined and we’re off to buy ourselves this pan, mainly so that we’ve got a massive excuse to start the day with a fry-up.

Sorry, gym.

If you fancy getting your mitts on one of these pans, you can get one from Lakeland for £59.99. Various other retailers are selling them too.