Tom Hanks gives update on Forrest Gump 2 saying sequel talks ‘lasted all of 40 minutes’

Tom Hanks has weighed-in on the possibility of a Forrest Gump sequel  (PA)
Tom Hanks has weighed-in on the possibility of a Forrest Gump sequel (PA)

Tom Hanks dashed hopes for Forrest Gump 2 saying talks about a potential sequel ended after just 40 minutes.

The actor, 66, starred in the six-time Oscar-winning original 1994 film as the titular character, a kind-hearted man living in Alabama in the 20th century.

Appearing on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, he was grilled about why so few of his most famous films had been given sequels.

The Big star said that while intrigued about the recent Bollywood remake of Forrest Gump, he had no desire to revisit any of his old roles.

That doesn’t mean to say that there wasn’t talk.

He explained: “I will say that, with a long time in between, we did take a stab at talking about another Forrest Gump that lasted all of 40 minutes.

“And then we never- we said, ‘Guys, come on.’

“A smart thing I did is I’ve never signed a contract that had a contractual obligation to a sequel,” he continued. “I’ve always said, ‘Guys, if there’s a reason to do it, let’s do it. But you guys can’t force me.’”

Adding: “There is that natural inclination that is one of pure commerce that says, ‘Hey, you just had a hit, so do it again and you’ll have a hit.”

Hanks will next be seen starring as kindly old woodcarver Geppetto in Disney’s live action remake of Pinocchio.

Directed by Hanks’ long-time collaborator Robert Zemeckis (who also helmed Gump), the film about a wooden puppet who comes to life, also stars Cynthia Erivo, Luke Evans and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Pinocchio will be released exclusively on Disney+ on September 8.

A few months later Guillermo Del Toro will unveil his own stop-motion adaptation of Pinocchio.