Tom Hardy says he sees ‘less reason to work’ now he has children

Tom Hardy says he sees ‘less reason to work’ now he has children

Tom Hardy has admitted he sees “less reason to work” while he is raising children.

The actor, 43, is father to a 13-year-old son with his ex-girlfriend Rachael Speed and he also has a daughter, five, and a son, two, with his wife Charlotte Riley.

In a new interview with Esquire, the Oscar-winner said that as he gets older, he is “not caring so much what people think”, and that in turn has made him reassess his priorities.

“I think there’s less reason to work, ultimately, because the life-drive is to be with the kids and to be fit and healthy and eat well and stuff,” Hardy said.

“If you’ve got a roof over your head and a bed underneath you and food in the fridge, how much is enough? Because it’s not a dress rehearsal, life, is it? It’s going out live. This is one-time.”

Hardy said he “spent a lot of time fighting the concept of ‘grown-up’”, adding: “I think all the baddies and all those sorts of ‘grrrr’ characters that I’ve played, I’m not that. The whole acting thing has been kind of peacock-ish counter to what I am.”

The star, who can next be seen inVenom: Let There Be Carnage, said that in the future, fans might see him “do some horrendous romcoms” or “never see me again”.

He added: “Because I’ve made my decision, you’ll go: ‘Oh, he made a choice. You ain’t seeing him again. He’s f***ing gone. He’s worked out what’s important. And he’s off.’”

Before he disappears, though, Hardy has already been cast in the thriller Havoc and the Navy drama War Party, as well as the Mad Max: Fury Road prequel The Wasteland and Vietnam war movie The Things They Carried.

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