Tom Holland breaks silence after Spider-Man 'dropped' from MCU


Tom Holland has broken his silence after the controversy that’s seen Spider-Man dropped from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The actor, who has played Peter Parker since 2016, has been caught up in a dispute between Marvel Studios and Sony Entertainment that saw the character’s chances of appearing in future Marvel films eliminated.

While some sources say that negotiations are still ongoing, it seems Disney bosses were hesitant to allow Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige to produce future standalone Spider-Man films after Sony refused a deal that would have seen Disney receive 50 per cent of box office takings.

This means that Holland will return as the web-slinger in Sony’s films and won’t be able to even cameo in the MCU.

In the midst of the row, Holland – who seems unperturbed by the news – posted a selfie with Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr during a walk in Los Angeles, captioned: “We did it, Mr Stark!”

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We did it Mr Stark!

A post shared by Tom Holland (@tomholland2013) on Aug 22, 2019 at 7:13pm PDT

Another photo sees them posing with Iron Man and Spider-Man action figures.

It must be a hard time for Holland. In the wake of the news, his interview with Collider has resurfaced in which he was asked if he'd like to feature in Sony's Venom sequel with Tom Hardy.

"You know, I’d love to make a movie with Tom Hardy, and if we ever got the chance to make a Venom movie together, that would be super cool, but his movie would have to take place in the MCU because I’m not giving up that ticket," he said.

The actor’s dad, comedian Dominic Holland, commented on the furore in a blog post.

He wrote: “I know nothing about the impasse between Sony and Marvel,” the Spider-Man actor’s father wrote. “I have no inside track on such issues. But whatever is decided by the big suits at these big Hollywood studios – my hunch is that the show will continue."

Another person close to Holland – his Avengers co-star Jeremy Renner – also wrote a message of support in response to the news.

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