Tom Kerridge blows minds by saying there's a wrong way to use tin foil

Ben Arnold

Tom Kerridge (Credit: PA)

Tom Kerridge has sent home cooks who previously thought they knew their way around the kitchen into a world of fear and doubt.

The Michelin-starred chef dropped the bombshell on the second episode of his latest BBC series Fresh Start last night that there’s a right way and a wrong way to use tin foil.

In the show, Kerridge is schooling eight families who are struggling to eat healthily in a 12-week course to get them back on track.

But it wasn’t the healthy recipes which set Twitter alight, but a throwaway comment about cooking with foil.

(Credit: BBC)

While unveiling his method for salt cod and saffron fishcakes in a segment about batch cooking, he explained: “Then on top of the fish, I’m just going to put a layer of tin foil.

“Now, there’s two sides to tin foil, there’s a shiny side, and the not-so-shiny side. Always remember, dull side up. Shiny side down, that’s the reflective side. So that’s going reflect back as much heat as possible.

(Credit: BBC)

“It just cooks a little bit more efficiently.”

The revelation has sent Twitter into a tailspin.

Some have rubbished the claims of the chef, however.

The website Culinarylore is on Kerridge’s side, however, but only just, saying: “The truth is that the shiny side of aluminium foil is only a little bit shinier than the dull side. While some small amount of additional energy will be reflected by the shiny side, the difference is so small that it will make no practical difference in cooking.

“To say that there is no effect whatsoever is inaccurate and it probably still is a little more efficient to cook with the dull side out.”

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