Tom Petty: A tribute to the rock superstar

Cape Town – The news of Tom Petty’s death was overshadowed by the mass shooting at a music festival in Las Vegas as well as pre-mature reports that he had died.

The iconic rocker’s family were upset over online reports of his death while he was still clinging to life in the hospital. Petty suffered cardiac arrest and passed away shortly after his life support was turned off.

(Tom Petty. Photo: Getty Images)


Tom Petty's family confirms his death

Rocker Tom Petty died on Monday after suffering cardiac arrest, his family confirmed, hours after news organisations retracted unconfirmed reports of his death. (Read more here)

Musicians and celebrities pay tribute to rocker Tom Petty

Musicians and celebrities have taken to social media to pay tribute rock superstar Tom Petty. (See the tributes here)

Tom Petty's life in pictures

Iconic rocker Tom Petty has died after suffering cardiac arrest. We celebrate his life in pictures. (See the photos here)

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