A grave addiction: Meet the 'tomb hunter' who has spent £40,000 visiting celebrities' resting places

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'Tomb hunter' Mark Dabbs has developed an unusual and pricey addiction - he visits the world's most famous graves and has so far spent £40,000 doing so.

Mark, 48, has visited the final resting places of more than 200 celebrities across six continents.

The staff nurse spends up to £6,000 pounds a year visiting these sites and sometimes even takes a photograph of himself when he is there.

His 'tomb tourism' has taken him to the graves of Jane Austen, Archduke Franz Ferdinand and Napoleon Bonaparte.

He has jetted to Seattle in the US to see Bruce Lee’s grave, to Switzerland, where Charlie Chaplin is buried and to see Calamity Jane's headstone in Arizona.

His most recent journeys took him to Archduke Franz Ferdinand's tomb in Austria, Johnny Ramone's grave in Los Angeles and to Highgate Cemetery, London, to snap pictures with the resting places of Karl Marx and Jeremy Beadle.

He says that visiting the final resting place of celebrities and iconic figures 'bring history to life' for him.

Mark, from Walsall, West Mids, said: 'I wasn't very good at history at school and I didn't learn very much.

'This is my way of educating myself, I visit famous people from history and I learn something new every time I do.

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'Somehow visiting the resting places of the dead makes them seem more alive.'
Mark has even managed to convince his girlfriend Tracey to join him on the unusual vacations.

Mark said: 'She wasn't convinced at first but I have converted her, now she comes with me all over the world to visit famous graves.
'Some people do think it's morbid but I find it fascinating.
'I've now been visiting famous graves for 30 years and I don't think I will ever stop.'
Mark is keen to complete his dream of visiting all the graves of U.S Presidents and British Prime Ministers as well as to visit the graves of all of Henry VIII's wives.

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