Tomb Raider: We tried to escape a tomb like Lara Croft and this is what happened!

On 5 March, Channel24 flew to London in an SA exclusive to meet the cast of the adventure film, Tomb Raider. Kirstin Buick tried her hand at tomb-raiding at a set built by the team behind the new film.

London - Crawling through creepy crypts, unravelling mysteries of ancient civilisations, doing battle with undead demons threatening the fate of humanity… 

I mean, how hard could it be? 

With a flip of her famous braid and a saucy smile, Lara Croft makes it all look so easy.

I was invited to try my hand at some tomb-raiding at an incredible set built by the team behind the latest film in the action-packed franchise in London.

According to my invite, a multi-room experience lay in store for me, inspired by the 2018 prequel’s plot. Even the film’s production designer Gary Freeman, who also worked on Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent, was involved in creating the three-storey, 140 square metre experience, meant to mimic the adventure a young Lara Croft goes on in the film.

According to Warner Brothers’, “The Escape Room combines ancient puzzles and the latest technology with physical obstacles, immersive theatre, and cutting-edge sound, lighting and special effects – culminating in an explosive, adrenaline-pumping and unforgettable finale.”

Easy-peasy, right?

Intrepid explorer that I am, I rocked up at a dingy-looking warehouse in Shoreditch woefully unprepared for the quest I was about to embark on.

Inside the cavernous building, ominous music boomed and shrieks and squeals echoed out from behind a cordoned-off area, flanked by several members of a film crew.

I was quickly ushered away from there – apparently it was obvious I was already losing my nerve – and sent up a flight of stairs to the make-up room.

“Pick whatever you’d like,” a make-up artist with a knowing grin said, gesturing at a rail of camo and khaki clothes set up in an airy, second-story room.

I changed into a fetching pair of cargo pants and camouflage jacket, and the make-up artist guided me over to her little station – where she promptly began smearing what looked like dirt on my face.

“Now, I’m thinking a wound on your lip, maybe a gash on your cheek?” she mused, not waiting for my permission as she bloodied me up for good measure.

Several minutes later, she spun my chair around so I could see her handiwork. “You look like Lara!”

My seemingly seriously injured reflection blinked back at me. Maybe Lara’s chubbier, nerdier cousin..?

Next, it was time for my harness.

Seriously. A harness.

“Is this really necessary?” I giggled nervously at the crew member who had appeared to secure me into the device.

He laughed at my unease and didn’t bother looking up when he said, “Without a doubt. You’re good to go!”

He walked me back down the stairs, guiding me to the area I’d been shooed away from before.

“Ya ready?” he asked with another gruff chuckle.

I made an indistinct noise that he seemed to think meant yes. 

“When that door opens, you can go in,” he said, backing away.

Several excruciating seconds later, it swung slowly inward, revealing… Richard Croft’s study?

“Come in!” came a voice from inside Croft Manor. “I’ve been waiting for you…”



Channel24's trip to London was sponsored by Warner Bros.

(Photo: Warner Bros.)