Tommy Fury vows to put Jake Paul saga ‘to bed’ with early knockout prediction

Tommy Fury vows to put Jake Paul saga ‘to bed’ with early knockout prediction

Tommy Fury has claimed he will knock out Jake Paul in the opening rounds of the highly-anticipated showdown between the boxers, which will be the culmination of a saga the British fighter wants to “put to bed”.

A long-running social media campaign driven by the pair is set to be settled in the ring in Saudi Arabia on Sunday.

For all the insults, call-outs and cancelled fights, 23-year-old Fury insists he is ready to hand Paul his first defeat in the ring when he puts his own 8-0 record on the line.

“Third time’s the charm and we’re here,” he told the pre-fight press conference which featured Mike Tyson and Derek Chisora in Riyadh.

“I’m in super-fit condition, I’m ready to go and put this all to bed because for the past two-and-a-half years it’s been all, ‘When are you fighting Jake Paul?’.

“To even mention my name in the same sentence as that is disrespectful to me, I’ve been boxing my whole life.

“I’m going to clinically knock this guy out. Early.”

During the conference, the two fighters agreed an ‘all or nothing’ deal that would see Fury hand over his entire claim to the purse if he loses but win double his share if he is the victor, which prompted heated scenes between the pair.

Paul, 26, is perhaps the opposite to Fury in the sense he is a celebrity-turned-boxer rather than a boxer-turned-celebrity.

Nonetheless, the YouTuber revealed the extent of analysis he has undertaken of his opponent ahead of the fight as he targets a seventh career win.

“We’ve picked this guy apart, we’ve studied him,” said Paul. “He makes a lot of mistakes.

“He’s good on offence, great jab, lots of combos, speed, good footwork, good movement. He’s a good boxer but he’s not a great boxer and his lack of defence and lack of head movement is going to be exposed on Sunday.”