Tony Blair back to battle Brexit

Tony Blair, is to engage wholeheartedly in the debate surrounding Britain’s exit form the European Union.

Tony Blair says Britain will want to re-join European Union— RTÉ News (@rtenews) May 1, 2017

The former prime minister said he would be“getting out more and reconnecting with voters,” as he fears for the economic well being of the UK post-Brexit.

Blair added that his wish to re-engage in the cut and thrust of national politics was not just his opposition to Brexit, but the rapid changes in the job market, the fragile economy and immigration.

#OnThisDay 1997 The Labour Party’s landslide victory in the general election ended 18 years of Conservative rule. Tony Blair was the new PM— Life In The UK 2013 (@LifeInTheUK2013) April 19, 2017

The former PM refrained from criticising current leader Jeremy Corbyn and said he was unsure if his return to the political fray would be universally popular.