Too Close: ITV viewers left baffled by bizarre sex scene blunder

Adam White
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Risteárd Cooper and Emily Watson in the offending sex scene in ITV’s Too Close (ITV)
Risteárd Cooper and Emily Watson in the offending sex scene in ITV’s Too Close (ITV)

Too Close, ITV’s new psychological thriller, has left viewers baffled by a sex scene in which one character appeared to never remove her trousers.

Emily Watson and Denise Gough star in the series, which revolves around a forensic psychiatrist (Watson) who must assess whether a mother – dubbed “The Yummy Mummy Monster” in the press – deliberately tried to kill her children.

Viewers were more confused by a different mystery in the show’s first episode, however.

Midway through the hour, Watson’s character tells her husband (Risteárd Cooper) that they “never really do anything spontaneous”, leading to the pair having sex on a kitchen counter top.

Unusually, Watson’s character appeared to never remove her trousers, which remained in place throughout the entirety of the couple’s lovemaking.

“How come she still had her trousers on?!” one viewer tweeted.

Another added: “Wow sex without even taking their pants down!”

Another viewer joked: “Remember sex works best when the woman takes her trousers off.”


The three-part drama series, written by novelist and former actor Clara Salaman, was called “sharp and involving” by The Independent in our four-star review.

Too Close airs nightly at 9pm on ITV.

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