I too deserve justice: 'Dam 999' director

Indo Asian News Service

New Delhi, Feb 7 (IANS) Declaring that he too deserved justice, director Sohan Roy said he was happy that Kamal Haasan's "Vishwaroopam" had been cleared by the Tamil Nadu government but his film "DAM 999" should also get screening permission in the state.

The Tamil Nadu government banned "Vishwaroopam" screening in the state after a protest by Muslim groups. The ban was lifted when Kamal agreed to edit the objectionable scenes.

"I am happy for Kamal... But why am I sidelined? Why is my movie 'DAM 999', which is struggling for the last two years to get released, still being ignored by the same government?" Roy asked.

"I have got great respect for Kamal Haasan. He is a great actor and filmmaker... But don't you think I am also a human and I too deserve justice," he said, adding that he had lost crores by not getting a release.

"Let me get some justice."

His film deals with the consequences of a collapsed dam. It was banned by the Tamil Nadu government Nov 24, 2011 after DMK complained that the film was based on the Mullaperiyar dam dispute between Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

The Tamil Nadu government banned the film a day before it was to release on the grounds that it would create political unrest in the state.

The director is upset with the fact that the government was reluctant to even watch the movie in spite of many requests by the producers, who are from Kerala.

"DAM 999" was also India's official entry for best picture at the 84th Academy Awards. But it did not make it to the final shortlist.

Three of its songs - "Dakkanaga Dugu Dugu", "DAM 999 Theme Song" and "Mujhe Chhod Ke" - were also in contention for nominations in the Original Song category at the Oscars. But none of them made it.