Too early to say whether Britons can start planning summer holidays – Van-Tam

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A question mark remains over summer holidays this year with Britons told it is still too soon to say whether or not they should start making plans.

Professor Jonathan Van-Tam, deputy chief medical officer for England, was asked about holidays and said he could not give a proper answer as the data is not yet available.

He said any easing of lockdown restrictions in England would have to take place “gradually” and that contemplating what will happen in summer is stepping into the realm of a guessing game.

Prof Van-Tam told a No 10 news briefing that it is “just too early to say”.

He added: “Public health counter measures, non-pharmaceutical interventions, social distancing restrictions, they will have to be released gradually.

“How quickly they can be released will depend upon three things – the virus, the vaccine and the extent to which the public obey the rules that are in place, which thankfully the vast majority always do.”

He said it was too soon to say to what extent people could begin to start planning summer holidays.

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“The more elaborate your plans are for summer holidays, in terms of crossing borders, in terms of household mixing, given where we are now, I think we just have to say the more you are stepping into making guesses about the unknown at this point,” he said.

“I can’t give people a proper answer at this point because we don’t yet have the data. It’s just too early.”

Prof Van-Tam added: “The key with this coronavirus is again through vaccination, to take the whole curve and shift it to the left, so the vast majority of the illness is an illness that is manageable in the community – as opposed to causing enormous pressure on our hospitals.

“And we can do that through vaccination, and if we do that we open up a whole way of living normally – much more normally – again in the future.”

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