'It's Too F****** Windy!': Dover's Beacon Lighters Struggle Against Strong Breeze

Two men tasked with lighting the Dover Town Beacon to mark Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee, struggled against breezy conditions on Thursday night, June 2.

Footage livestreamed by Dover Town Council shows two men struggling to light the beacon, located on the Dover Castle grounds.

“It’s too f****** windy, mate! I’m trying,” one of the men can be heard saying before finally managing to light it.

Around 3,500 beacons were being lit up across the United Kingdom and Commonwealth countries on Thursday evening, UK media reported.

The lighting of the principal beacon, placed outside Buckingham Palace, was triggered by the queen in a ceremony at Windsor Castle, and set off a chain reaction of lightings across the country, according to the BBC.

Though the 96-year-old queen took part in the lighting ceremony, British media reported that she would miss Friday’s Jubilee thanksgiving service at St Paul’s Cathedral in London after experiencing “some discomfort” during the festivities on Thursday. Credit: Dover Town Council via Storyful

Video transcript

- Can't get a [MUTED] light. It's too windy. Charles, it's too [MUTED] windy, mate.

- I'm trying.

- Oh, no, mate. Yes a bit, very light. Give me a light.

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