Too hot to sleep? Here’s how to sleep in hot weather and stay cool in bed tonight

Liz Connor, Tom Herbert

Britain is set to see the hottest temperatures of the year so far with the mercury being tipped to hit 33C towards the end of the week.

But a humid end to June, which is being blamed for sparking a series of thunderstorms, will result in muggy conditions for many across the UK.

And the high humidity levels mean only one thing for us Brits - there are plenty of sticky, restless nights ahead for us to look forward to.

However, that doesn't mean you have to put up with the discomfort as the temperature soars and suffer amid a heatwave that could bring record temperatures of 40C to Europe.

So if you want some peace of mind to help you cope with the humidity and heat, read our tips below to help prep your way to a comfortable and cool night's sleep for the forthcoming muggy nights.

1. Sleep in cotton bedsheets

Save the silk sheets and furry throws for autumn. Cotton bed linens are light and breathable, meaning you can encourage airflow into your bedroom.

2. Unplug any appliances

The thought of not charging your phone at night might sound unbearable, but laptop and phone chargers, even when idle, can produce unwanted heat. Unplug your appliances before you go to bed to keep your room cool through the night.

3. Take a cool shower

A cool bath or shower before bed can lower your body temperature, making it easier to relax in a warm room. Avoid freezing showers, however, as these can be overly stimulating and wake you up.

Take a cold shower (Shutterstock)

4. Make your own breeze

Invest in a silent electric fan to add an extra breeze and make sure there is regular air flow in the room. If you put a bowl full of ice cold water or ice cubes in front of it, it will pick up the cold moisture as the ice melts and circulate it around the room.

5. Freeze your bedsheets

It might sound drastic, but putting your sheets and pillows into bags and popping them into the freezer half an hour before bedtime is one of the most satisfying warm weather rituals you can do. By the time you unpack them, they’ll feel gloriously cold.

6. Open the windows an hour before you go the bed

Providing you keep the curtains or blinds drawn to keep the sun off the windows, opening the windows will help to get the air circulating and let in some welcome breezes as the temperature starts to drop later in the evening.

And if all else fails, Londoners, take solace in the fact that at the weekend you can always sneak in an extra hour in bed.

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