Too Late for Olympic Trials, But Doggy Daycare 'Diving Competition' Looks Like Fun

Playtime at the Lucky Puppy daycare facility in Maybee, Michigan, looks like a whole lot of fun for all concerned, with dogs of all shapes and sizes enjoying the center’s pool, which happens to be shaped like a bone.

Center owner Brenda Langley, who regularly shares footage of the canines under her care enjoying a dip, posted video of a “diving competition” among the pooches to YouTube on June 10.

In the footage, the dogs can be seen swimming, jumping in and out of the pool, and enjoying themselves tremendously.

As for the gold medal effort? Langley’s favorite dive comes from a dog by the name of Stich, whose effort at the 4.45 mark gets “the win” for her. Credit: Lucky Puppy via Storyful

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