I took the kids to party hotspot Magaluf - and it was actually idyllic

Our hotel was directly behind BCM the most famous nightclub in Magaluf
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Magaluf, or more affectionately known to many as 'Shagaluf', has been up there with the top party hotspots for binge drinking holidaymakers for the past few decades.

So it might not be a family's first choice for a family holiday.

But Caroline Hemmingham, of Yorkshire Live, decided to do just that and test it out during May half term - and she was surprised by the results. Here's what she thought.

I did myself go there for my first ever 'girls holiday' some twenty years ago, with me and my pals all donning matching t-shirts with 'Magaluf uncovered' blazen across the back. We, like many, many others were heading to the small town on the south coast of Majorca for nothing more than to party hard - in a place where it felt like there were no rules.

If you'd have told me back then I'd be going back with a husband and two kids I wouldn't have believed it. But earlier this month, that's exactly what I did.

Majorca has been hitting the headlines recently as new 'tourism rules' were put in place to try and curb rowdy behaviour on the island. And anti-tourism protesters have been staging demonstrations at the island's capital Palma where they've held placards saying "SOS tourism" and "Tourism is eating us".

We booked our holiday at the beginning of the year, after finding what seemed like a great deal at an all-inclusive in Majorca for the half term week. We didn't think too much about the precise location until a friend and former travel agent pointed out the hotel was 'right bang in the centre of Magaluf'.

Ah. OK. Well, we thought we'd take a chance and just stick to staying on the hotel site if things were rowdy outside. It did say it was a family-friendly hotel after-all.

When we arrived we discovered our hotel was directly behind the famous BCM Nightclub - which is pretty much the heart of Magaluf and right on the notorious 'strip' where partygoers descend. Gulp.

There were also a few strip-clubs along the same stretch of road (don't ask questions, kids). But the sun was shining, there wasn't a lager lout in sight and it all seemed pretty quiet to be honest.

Magaluf Beach was dreamy
Magaluf Beach was dreamy

And when the sun went down, we still didn't hear much noise.

We weren't exactly up till all hours but we had our balcony doors open while we slept (they don't switch on the air-con until June) and I assumed I'd hear people stumbling home from their nights out but I wasn't woken once.

We also headed to the waterpark and to the beach during our stay. I half expected the beach to be full of groups heading off on partyboats and even people passed out from the night before. But there was nothing of the sort. It was actually idyllic.

Was it quiet because it was half-term week? Is it too early in the party season for the groups of lads and ladettes? Or are the new rules to curb the rowdy behaviour doing the trick? I'm not sure. It could be a combination of all three but all I know is I would definitely recommend Magaluf as a family destination. We had a fantastic time.